Elizabeth is a knowledgeable and skilled cook. Her classes are approachable, engaging and beneficial for home cooks of varying skills.   She showcases the ingredients and provides the class participants with the tools and knowledge for continued exploration. A valuable experience!

This is not your ordinary cooking class where you go and learn just cooking techniques, if you keep an open mind you will take home not only new recipes but a new perspective on how what food choices you are making will affect you on a baseline level.

I truly enjoyed the cooking class.  What a delightful, informative, fun and delicious evening. Thank you Elizabeth for a memorable evening. I highly recommend this experience to any  ‘foodies’ or ‘wanna be foodies’ interested in a great evening of food, wine and good company!

One of the many things that I loved about Elizabeth’s cooking class was its flexibility and creativeness.  Wonderful tasting food was “doable” whether or not you prefer to precisely measure ingredients or you’re a more imprecise “throw in a pinch” person.”  Elizabeth covered all the bases.

The class was for those who love to cook AND those who aren’t so fond of cooking.  Her knowledge of cooking makes you think about the nutritional value of cooking well and her love of cooking inspires!

This was a fun way to make delicious food that has so many health benefits I never realized!  I really enjoyed the discussion on ingredients in the recipes that contain important minerals and what their function is in improving your health a natural way.