Culinary Expedition offers custom cooking classes and demonstrations for a wide range of social events.  Class format and menu are customizable to each groups preference.


Get your group together and pick a region you want to take a Culinary Expedition to and let Chef Elizabeth be your guide!


The executive summary is...Elizabeth is an individually trained chef with twenty plus years of cooking experience to many classes at the Culinary Institute of America and other reputable venues.  She travels the world tasting all the various cuisines and then returns home to create the various dishes for others to enjoy.  The long story is below...



Elizabeth started cooking at age 5!  Knowing nothing more than if you put multiple things in a bowl and mix it together that is cooking.  No doubt, it tasted terrible, but her parents never let her catch on, instead they kept encouraging her and invested in a children's cookbook.  With some gentle guidance, they let her work towards mastery.

As  the years went by, Elizbeth became a major contributor to preparing dinners and by high school did the majority of the grocery shopping and cooking.  With divorced working parents, they needed all of the help they could get around their houses.


Elizabeth's dad got her introduced to the global world.  Elizabeth recalls one vacation in 6th grade when they had breakfast in France, lunch in Italy and dinner in Switzerland.  With a vacation like that, how was she not supposed to develop a great palete for international cuisine.


At age 16, Elizabeth convinced her parents to let her live abroad for the summer, in Mexico.  She lived with 3 different host families in 3 different regions (of which the family did not know, they were just trusting of the Lion's Club student exchange program).  The experience opened Elizabeth's eyes and curiosity even wider to new cultures and cusine.

Senior  year of high school Elizabeth traveled to sunny California and tried Indian cusine for the first time.  Where had this warm, savory, spicy food been hiding all of her life?  The trip was followed by the purchase of many Indian cookbooks.


In college, Elizabeth chased after a handsome, funny, caring Nepali guy.  He was also a terrific partner in the kitchen which sealed the deal to the alter!


Elizabeth has traveled to 6 of the 7 continents.  She used to be embarrased to tell people the highlights of her trips revolved around the new foods she was able to experience.  She is not hiding that any longer, in fact, now she is shouting from the mountain tops, sharing her cooking and recipes.


When Elizabeth is in the kitchen, her love and passion is contageous.  She creates dishes that are hearty, flavorful and predominantly health.


Elizabeth has a unique way of bringing a group together in a way that is fun, inclusive and educational.  


Married with two active boys, Elizabeth enjoys cooking and entertaining for her friends, family and class participants.